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I was born in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. At a very young age, I decided to move to NY, looking for better college options and opportunities of growth. I was full of dreams, hope, and faith but also, with many fears, barriers, uncertainty, and doubts. Soon in life, I learned that in order to succeed I needed to step out of my comfort zone, challenge myself and conquer my fears.

Life is a constant learning lesson and a world open for me to express, create, stretch and expand my wings and fly. I remember crying every night because I didn’t speak any English therefore, I couldn’t understand the professors. That didn’t stop me on the contrary, it made me believe more in myself and gave me the fire to overcome the challenge. As life continued, my learning journey kept bringing opportunities, blessings, and more challenges. Becoming a mother of a beautiful princess, Yashira Rosado. She’s my pride, motivation, and my gift from heaven. Family is everything for me. My parents are my warriors of prayers. They are my source of values and taught me love and compassion for others.

When my father lost his first leg due to his sickness, I realized my life was changing forever. Now I had the responsibility to make it for my daughter, my parents, and myself; failing was not an option.

Therefore 16 years ago, I decided to change my life and direction and began my career in real estate without knowing that it would become my mission and my calling.

Together with my amazing family, partners, and support system Yuri Gomez my, husband and love of my life, my brother and sister Jeremy Gomez, and Gea Gomez, opened our first Real Estate Office G World Properties.

Everyone told us that we were crazy as the nation was entering into the worse crisis in the industry. But again, I never take NO for an answer, and we were determined to make it and succeed.

For many years I’ve had the blessing of helping thousands of beautiful families achieve their dreams of homeownership as well as hundreds of investors to achieve their goals of development and advancement.

I have dedicated myself to creating opportunities, tools, and the best alliances to provide my families and clients with the best service of excellence and satisfaction in such important life decisions. I see every family as my mission to help. I am always looking for ways to transform and create new paths.

In this changing and innovative world, I have connected with my local and international people through social media and my genuine passion in an impressive way. I truly believe we all share the same story and dreams full of sacrifices and success stories. That is why more than 5 years ago, I decided to

expand my services and passion for helping people by creating an exceptional team with other professionals in the industry who share my mission and passion for being a

Light of hope and financial growth for every family we touch.

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