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Homes Heroes Foundation’s mission is to transform people's lives, by sharing God's love and hope, to help provide families the ability and financial assistance to accomplish their dream of HOME OWNERSHIP.

Our Goal is to raise $1,000,000.00 in the next 12 months to help with down payment's assistance to over a hundred families!



Born and raised in Bayamon PR, I am a proud Puerto Rican US citizen. I feel very blessed that I was able to have a beautiful childhood full of love and God’s upbringing, but also full of financial challenges experienced by my parents. Their lack of educational degrees, economic struggles and health issues all played a part, but they never let that hold them back from providing the best for me. Looking for a better future for my self, I had the opportunity to go to college and to change my environment. I moved to Buffalo, New York when I was 18 years old. Full of hope, dreams, desires, and passion. Doors opened up for me and I started to accomplish my dreams with tremendous effort, sacrifices, commitment, and persistence.

Once again, challenges struck my family; my father lost his two legs to the terrible sickness of diabetes. I needed to be able to support my own family, including my parents as well. This and many other tribulations gave me the strength to go for more and reach higher, to fight and conquer my victory with God’s passion and strength.

I started my Real Estate and Mortgage career looking for my big dream to succeed, and I found my passion and true calling by help other families accomplish their dreams as well. Since 2006 I’ve helped over 600 families to overcome their fears and challenges of becoming new homeowners — such as veterans, elderly, low income families, teachers, doctors, the new young inspired generation, etc. But one of 

the biggest obstacles I’ve encountered with today’s families, is the inability to have the necessary funds for their down payment to be able to purchase their home. Just as my parents, there are thousands families in Florida that are barely able to afford their current very expensive rent, utilities and bare essentials to live. They are financially handicap and unable to save the thousands of dollars needed for a down payment to make their dreams of homeownership possible. Often close to impossible to accomplish in many cases.

Today’s families often experience stress, depression, and children instability due to not having a stable home and financial security.

I created the Homes Hero Foundation, a nonprofit organization, with the purpose and vision to help families in our community. Providing them with knowledge, financial education, support, and access to financial assistance. All with the hope for them to become successful, happy, homeowners.

We work with partners to help families directly—providing new construction, affordable income housing, education, financial strategies, credit education classes, family counseling, down payment assistance and much more.

I look forward to continue blessing, and to help spread God’s love and hope, transforming families lives one home at a time.

The Homes Heroes Foundation is audited by the National Christian Churches and Ministries Network

1500 Park Center Dr,

Orlando, Florida 32835

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