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Yanira Suarez

Yanira is a recognized authority In the United States with her expertise in the Florida real estate market. 


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Yanira Suarez 

May 25, 2022, 08:00 ET

Fueling the promise of homeownership. Latina real estate mogul, Yanira Suarez, addresses in a new six-episode series, the disparities faced by Hispanics – the U.S. housing market driving force - while presenting opportunities to build intergenerational wealth and close the homeownership gap that exist in the nation.

ORLANDO, Fla., May 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Anticipation is building for the premier of the new reality series "Yanira's World: Selling the American Dream" in which proud self-made Latina real estate powerhouse, Yanira Suarez is determined to elevate the voices of Hispanics and secure their fair share of the American dream.

"Yanira's World: Selling the American Dream" will premiere on YouTube on Sunday, June 5 at 12 p.m. EST. The six-episode series follows the Puerto Rican real estate agent and business owner on her journey to overcoming the unique hurdles today's first-time Latino home buyers face. A teaser trailer dropped earlier this month already surpassed the one-million mark on social media.

"Yanira's World: Selling the American Dream" will premiere on You Tube on Sunday, June 5 at 12 p.m. EST.

"It is about time we start demystifying the path to wealth, breaking down barriers to homeownership in the real estate industry and empowering minorities to believe and pursue the American Dream," said Yanira Suarez.

According to the Urban Institute, by 2040, 70 percent of the net new homeowner households in the U.S. will be Latino. The group projects that Black and White homeownership rates will decline during that same period. However, data shows Latinos experienced a 19.1 percent home purchase denial rate for conventional loans and were 81 percent more likely to be denied than their non-Latino counterparts.

"The future of homeownership is Hispanic, however we – as Hispanics – still face significant barriers associated with information gaps about the homebuying process, including the lack of representation in the lender mortgage industry," stated Yanira Suarez. "As real estate professional, I have a social responsibility to inform Latinos about the real value of homeownership, which goes beyond putting a roof over our heads. Investing in real estate is an opportunity to build generational wealth. Additionally, we need to speak and act to the need for lending diversity. When we demystify the path to building wealth, we are not only making a difference in the lives of first-time Latino homeowners, but we are also setting a precedent for future generations to come."

Watch a teaser to the docuseries HERE.

In the premiere episode, Yanira helps a Dominican family from New York find their dream home in Florida after the couple had several failed attempts to buying a property with 9 other realtors.

"Representation matters, it shows us the possibilities of what we can be or achieve. Role models are one component of transformative change," added Yanira. "Latino homeownership is expanding at a record-breaking pace, altering the real estate landscape in many areas of our country. This demographic is growing; they have a central place in the housing market and the U.S. finance system, it's about time we put the spotlight on the realities of their house hunting journey."

As the co-owner of the real estate brokerage G World Properties, Yanira Suarez and her team of 40 real estate professionals have dedicated their time to helping Latino families accomplish their homeownership dreams. In 2019 and as part of her movement "Yes, we can", Yanira launched the Home Heroes Foundation to help first-time Latino homebuyers afford a property. She also travels across the country teaching wealth-building seminars and hosts a weekly one-hour real estate market show in Spanish called "Pregúntale a Yanira" available nationwide on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Since co-founding G World in partnership with her husband Yuri Gomez, brother-in-law Jeremy Gomez and sister-in-law Gea Gomez in 2006, the entrepreneur has been recognized for her commitment to the advancement of the Hispanic community and the real estate industry by several organizations, among them "Mujer Líder 2022" by Mujer Emprende Latina Puerto Rico and "Top Ten Orlando Real Estate Agents" by the online platform Property Spark.

In addition, the multimillion-dollar producer and licensed loan officer owns Queen Homes, a luxury custom home builder in Florida with dozens of properties currently under construction.

"I dedicate myself to creating opportunities and building partnerships to ensure Latino families feel at ease when making the important decision of buying their first home or becoming a first-time investor. My mission is to be a light of hope and financial growth to every family we touch," concluded Suarez.

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Enjoy the complete series of "Yanira's World: Selling the American Dream" on June 5, 2022 at 12 p.m. EST on YouTube.


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